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El Perro Del Mar – Big Anonymous | Album Reviews

staticwire | April 4, 2024
El Perro Del Mar Big Anonymous

In El Perro Del Mar’s latest release, “Big Anonymous,” Sarah Assbring delves into a world of melancholy and darkness that is both captivating and suffocating. After an eight-year hiatus, Assbring returns with an album that combines poignancy with yearning, resulting in a dreamlike atmosphere that is both unsettling and compelling.

The album kicks off with the haunting orchestral instrumental of “Underworld,” setting the tone for the brooding journey that lies ahead. Tracks like “Suburban Dreams” maintain a minimalistic and spacey synth vibe, staying true to its glacial pace and evoking a sense of unease. The album’s darkness becomes all-encompassing at times, with songs like “In Silence” and “Wipe Me Off This Earth” drawing the listener into a claustrophobic world of despair and sorrow.

However, it is Assbring’s ability to fully embrace the yearning and grief in her music that truly shines on tracks like “One More Time” and the instrumental centerpiece, “The Truth The Dead Know.” These songs capture the raw emotion and vulnerability that lie at the core of the album, showcasing Assbring’s talent for conveying deep, heartfelt sentiments through her music.

While the album’s deliberate pacing and unrelenting darkness may deter some listeners, tracks like “Kiss Of Death” offer a glimmer of light in the midst of the shadows. With its cinematic sweep and emotional crescendo, the final track provides a cathartic release that brings a sense of closure to the album’s theatrical journey.

“Big Anonymous” is a masterfully crafted album that demands attention and reflection. While it may not be easy listening, the depth and complexity of Assbring’s work make it a rewarding experience for those willing to immerse themselves in its gloomy atmosphere. With its blend of haunting melodies and ethereal vocals, El Perro Del Mar’s latest offering is a testament to the power of music to evoke emotion and provoke thought.

Rating: 7/10

Overall, “Big Anonymous” is a standout album that showcases Sarah Assbring’s talent for creating immersive and emotive music. While it may not be for everyone, those who appreciate dark, introspective soundscapes will find much to love in this haunting and atmospheric release.

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