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Interview: Beatenberg’s Matt Field on ‘The Great Fire of Beatenberg’ and Making Art During Times of Crisis

staticwire | April 3, 2024
Beatenberg by Tami Aftab 1a

South African indie pop trio Beatenberg is set to release their third album, ‘The Great Fire of Beatenberg,’ on April 5th, 2024. The album is described as a return to their Mzansi roots, blending house and folk elements to create a vibrant and heartfelt collection of songs.

The lead singer and guitarist of Beatenberg, Matt Field, shared insights into the making of the album, highlighting the band’s intention to create music with a generous spirit despite the challenges faced in the world. Field expressed the band’s commitment to connecting with their audience through their music, aiming to provide listeners with a warm and energetic experience.

The album features a diverse range of songs, from playful love tracks like “Wheelbarrow” and “Eau De Toilette” to sentimental ballads such as “Bath Towels” and “I’ll Be There.” The band also explores self-reflective themes in tracks like “3 Arts,” “Gold Mine,” and “Chorus of May,” delving into the process of songwriting and artistic expression.

In discussing the album’s title, ‘The Great Fire of Beatenberg,’ Field revealed that it was inspired by the band’s internal struggles and reflections on the purpose of creating music in a tumultuous world. The title serves as a dual metaphor, representing both the chaos and warmth found in the band’s music.

Field also shared insights into the band’s creative process, mentioning that some of the songs on the album originated from older material while others were written during the recording process. He emphasized the band’s aim to reconnect with their South African roots, incorporating elements of house and traditional Mzansi music into their sound.

As the album’s release date approaches, Beatenberg anticipates performing their new songs at upcoming shows in Amsterdam and London. The band is excited to share their music with audiences and hopes that listeners will find personal connections and moments of joy in ‘The Great Fire of Beatenberg.’

Overall, Beatenberg’s latest album is an exploration of their musical evolution, blending diverse genres and themes to create a heartfelt and engaging listening experience for fans around the world. The band’s commitment to authenticity and connection shines through in every track, setting the stage for a memorable and impactful release.

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