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Alena Spanger: Fire Escape Album Review

staticwire | April 3, 2024
Alena Spanger Fire Escape

Alena Spanger’s debut solo album, “Fire Escape,” showcases her penchant for non-verbal communication through an ethereal blend of experimental pop and dreamlike atmospheres. With a voice that ranges from Björk-esque kineticism to Karin Dreijer-like intensity, Spanger weaves a tapestry of emotion and imagery that is both haunting and beautiful.

Throughout the album, Spanger draws inspiration from the natural world, using vivid and evocative language to paint scenes of both fury and splendor. From being underwater and on fire in “Ines” to feeling the grace of a giant on “Agios,” her lyrics are both poetic and visceral. By infusing her words with sharp inhales, speechless stutters, and repeated mantras, Spanger creates a sense of mystery and depth that leaves the listener spellbound.

Musically, “Fire Escape” is a diverse and dynamic journey, ranging from the askew dance pop of “Sinking Like” to the ambient textures of “My Feel” and the jittery rock of “Ines.” Spanger’s voice remains at the heart of the album, guiding the listener through discordant transitions and expansive instrumentation. Whether accompanied by upright bass and trombone or simply standing alone, her vocals carry a haunting beauty that defies categorization.

Standout tracks like “All That I Wanted” and “Methuen” showcase Spanger’s ability to convey emotion with subtlety and nuance, drawing the listener in with each whispered refrain and hushed tone. The album as a whole feels cohesive and connected, with each track building upon the last to create a sense of ethereal unity.

In the realm of experimental pop, “Fire Escape” stands out as a deeply introspective and immersive experience. Alena Spanger’s debut solo effort is a masterclass in atmospheric storytelling, blending poetry and melody to create a world all its own. With its dreamlike quality and haunting beauty, “Fire Escape” is a mesmerizing journey that lingers long after the final notes fade away.

Rating: 9/10

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