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The Overlooked First Punk Rock Christmas Song (The Kinks “Father Christmas”) | New Christmas Canon

Trash Theory | April 2, 2024
The Overlooked First Punk Rock Christmas Song (The Kinks "Father Christmas") | New Christmas Canon


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  1. @cannyvalley

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    Best Christmas song ever…but I must defend Greg Lake-that song is not at all cheerful and trite. It’s a cynical screed about deception, loss of innocence, loss of faith and man’s inhumanity as the author of his own destruction.

    If The Kinks’ Father Christmas is the street level vision of the human condition, Greg Lake’s is the view from 20,000 feet.

  2. @radiobroog8091

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    I wouldn't call the song overlooked. I hear it a bunch every Christmas season since it was first released, and it appears in many films and shows. Also, Greg Lake sings "And I BELIEVED in Father Christmas". Both songs deal with the inherent pretension of the holiday. I love both songs.

  3. @danieleyre8913

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    I downloaded that Kinks’ Father Christmas song on Kazaa some time around 2001 on a whim with no idea what it was. I cracked up laughing on first listening, and got my own band to play it, who all loved it, and audiences liked it too.
    It must’ve been overlooked in the late 70s because of poor promotion and distribution. I guess they were washed up by then.

  4. @shaneborger9054

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    This is a fantastic video. The Kinks deserve more accolades like this. I’m just discovering them apart from You Really Got me and All the Day and All of the Night. The early UK punks liked to sneer at bands like the Kinks but they owed a lot to them.

  5. @GremlinSpike69

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    Hey, Trash Theory can you do a story on Bittersweet Symphony I've always been unsure of the details and whether the Rolling Stones were complete cunts about the whole thing!

  6. @ArcherSuh

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    It's not my favorite Christmas song (which is Christmas At Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic), but I have grown an appreciation for Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson's Winter Song. I've noticed that when it plays on the sound system at work, it's so melancholic that a hush falls over customers and coworkers alike, which is doubly impressive because it's a market during the holiday season. It's grown on me because of that, though I admit that I initially had a childish laugh over the two of them repeatedly singing the word, "Bum."

  7. @kernelpickle

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    The Davies brothers crack me up with their sibling rivalry, because it sounds like they went at each other pretty hard, and still managed to keep the band together. Contrast that with the Gallaghers who’ve passed up ridiculous amounts of money for some fairly petty bullshit that they should’ve gotten over by now. You’d think they could patch things up for a reunion show or a brief tour to earn a huge payday and retire on a pile of money.

    Apparently, there are plenty of bands who don’t even speak to one another anymore, but somehow they figured out how to keep things professional while they’re working and touring by maintaining their distance off stage. I’ve worked with people that annoy me or have deliberately sabotaged me on countless occasions, and when I’m at home I will curse them and wish they would move on sooner than later—but when we’re working, you’d probably never be able to tell we hate each other, because we figured out how to keep it to ourselves and focus on work.

    So, props to the Davies for doing that and writing clever and humorous songs like this one and so many other classics.

  8. @MegaBunnyd

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    I know a lot of people don't consider the Sonics to be a proper punk act, but for what it's worth, their "don't believe in christmas" was released in 1965.

  9. @DrMillF

    April 2, 2024 at 9:07 pm

    I was gonna say "Forgotten? I have this and at least two cover versions of it in my Christmas playlist..". Luckily I've watched the whole video – would've been embarrassing 😛

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