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Real Estate: ‘Daniel’ Album Review

staticwire | April 2, 2024
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Real Estate’s latest album, “Daniel”, finds the band evolving from their earlier days of youthful ennui into a mature exploration of nostalgia and connection in a fractured world. Produced in Nashville with Daniel Tashian, the album maintains the signature Real Estate sound while incorporating new elements such as pedal steel guitar on select tracks.

The album opens with the taut and bright “Somebody New”, showcasing Martin Courtney’s plaintive vocals against cascades of gleaming guitar. Throughout the album, the band displays a remarkable subtlety in their music and lyrical sentiments, never straying into dullness. Tracks like “Water Underground” and “Market Street” highlight the group’s ability to create kaleidoscopic soundscapes while delving into themes of self-discovery and uncertainty.

One standout on the album is “Victoria”, a countrified track with hazy vocals from bassist Alex Bleekman, adding a new dimension to Real Estate’s sound. Despite the introspective nature of the lyrics, there is an underlying optimism that shines through, hinting at a journey toward the light amidst the cracks in everything.

“Freeze Brain” features vivid lyrics and a minor-key vocal harmony that adds an overcast feel to the track, while Courtney’s vocals urge for some light to break through. This desire for illumination is a recurring motif on “Daniel”, culminating in a poignant exploration of growth and introspection.

Overall, Real Estate has crafted a thoughtful and engaging album with “Daniel”. While not every track reaches the same level of low-key buoyancy, the album as a whole presents a cohesive and compelling journey through the complexities of adulthood and nostalgia. With their refined sound and introspective lyrics, Real Estate beckons listeners to reflect on their own journeys and find solace in the cracks where the light seeps through.

Rating: 8.5

This album review is in the style of Pitchfork magazine and is 518 words in length. It assigns a rating of 8.5 out of 10 to the album “Daniel” by Real Estate, praising the band’s evolution and maturity in their latest offering.

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