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Oliver Anthony Releases New Album Due Out on Easter

staticwire | April 1, 2024
Oliver Anthony Hymnal ce66fe

Oliver Anthony, the Virginia native who shot to fame with his viral hit single “Rich Men North of Richmond,” has just released his highly anticipated debut album, “Hymnal of a Troubled Man’s Mind.” The album, which features 10 self-penned songs, was independently released on Sunday, March 31st.

The tracklist includes previously released songs such as “I Want to Go Home,” “I’ve Got to Get Sober,” and “Doggonit,” as well as interludes of spoken-word Gospel. Additionally, the album includes a brand-new song titled “Momma’s Been Hurting.”

Unlike his previous singles, which Anthony admits were rough drafts recorded on his Android phone shortly after writing each song, “Hymnal of a Troubled Man’s Mind” showcases the artist’s collaboration with producer Dave Cobb. The songs were brought to life with acoustic, upright bass, and fiddle arrangements, recorded in a decaying church in Savannah, Georgia.

In a statement, Anthony, whose real name is Chris Lunsford, described the album as the story of his life from 2013 to 2023. He emphasized the intention behind the album was for the listener to sit down in a quiet space and listen from start to finish, as every lyric, note, and element was deliberately placed.

Despite his newfound fame, Anthony chose to decline numerous record label offers in order to maintain his artistic integrity and autonomy. He expressed hopes that “Hymnal of a Troubled Man’s Mind” would serve as the foundation for his future musical endeavors and allow his previous work to shine in the spotlight.

The album is currently available for pre-order, with Anthony teasing that fans can expect new releases following this project. In the meantime, he is on tour for the remainder of 2024, with upcoming dates listed on his website for fans to purchase tickets.

This release marks a significant milestone in Oliver Anthony’s career, showcasing a more pure and transparent view of his heart and soul through his music. With “Hymnal of a Troubled Man’s Mind,” Anthony aims to solidify his place in the music industry and build upon his existing catalog with new songs in the future.

For those interested in experiencing the album firsthand, it is available for streaming on various platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. The artwork for “Hymnal of a Troubled Man’s Mind” captures the essence of the album’s themes and can be viewed on Anthony’s official website.

In conclusion, Oliver Anthony’s debut album is a testament to his dedication to storytelling through music and his commitment to staying true to his artistic vision. With “Hymnal of a Troubled Man’s Mind,” Anthony invites listeners on a journey through his life and emotions, leaving a lasting impact with each track.

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