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‘Girl With No Face’ Album Review

staticwire | April 1, 2024
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Allie X’s latest album, “Girl With No Face,” is a bold and captivating ode to self-expression and empowerment through music. The record, which marks the artist’s first foray into self-production, showcases Allie X’s multi-dimensional talents and sharp lyricism in a way that is both introspective and outwardly confrontational.

From the anthemic beats of lead single “Black Eye” to the poignant storytelling of “Off With Her Tits,” Allie X weaves together a narrative that challenges societal norms and celebrates individuality. The album’s thematic exploration of body image, objectification, and artistic integrity is delivered with a poignant mix of caustic wit and emotional depth.

With tracks like “Weird World” and “Saddest Smile,” Allie X delves into the complexities of modern life and the struggles of maintaining authenticity in a world that often demands conformity. The production quality of the album is impeccable, with each track showcasing a meticulous attention to detail that elevates the overall listening experience.

In songs like “John and Jonathan” and “You Slept On Me,” Allie X cleverly critiques the music industry and fan culture with a mix of humor and introspection. The album’s closing track, “Truly Dreams,” offers a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness, serving as a poignant reminder that dreams never truly die.

Overall, “Girl With No Face” is a standout album that solidifies Allie X’s place as a powerhouse in the pop music landscape. With its infectious beats, sharp lyricism, and fearless exploration of complex themes, the album is a true testament to the artist’s growth and maturation.

Rating: 8/10

Victoria Wasylak
Award-winning Music Journalist and Editor
Twitter: @VickiWasylak

Written by staticwire


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