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Wild Pink’s New Wavey “Air Drumming Fix You” Leads Their Lush, Richly Crafted Surprise EP, ‘Strawberry Eraser’

staticwire | March 31, 2024
Wild Pink by Fire Talk 2

Wild Pink, the indie band from New York City, has surprised fans with a new EP titled “Strawberry Eraser,” featuring an unconventional mix of warm brass and new wave groove on its lead single, “Air Drumming Fix You.”

The band, known for their layered and introspective sound, have released the EP as a follow-up to their critically acclaimed full-length albums. With a penchant for one-off singles and EP drops, Wild Pink continues to push the boundaries of their sound, delving into experimental territory while maintaining their signature warmth and humor.

“Air Drumming Fix You” stands out as the longest track on the three-song EP, clocking in at over 5 minutes. The sonic world of Wild Pink expands further on this release, with influences of 80s new wave blended seamlessly with their characteristically warm guitar and brass elements.

Lead vocalist and songwriter John Ross has been open about his wellspring of creativity and the band’s commitment to making meaningful art, even in the face of personal challenges. Following Ross’s battle with cancer and the release of the band’s last full-length album in 2022, fans can expect more music from Wild Pink in the near future.

In addition to the new EP, Wild Pink has curated a vinyl reissue of their debut self-titled album, drawing comparisons to early Death Cab for Cutie with their unique blend of rock and emo influences. Their 2018 album “Yolk In The Fur” continues to attract new listeners with its modern take on heartland rock.

For those eager to experience Wild Pink’s music live, the band is set to embark on a tour with Sun June in late March and early April. Known for their compelling performances, Wild Pink’s concerts are not to be missed for music enthusiasts.

“Strawberry Eraser” reaffirms Wild Pink’s status as one of the most innovative indie bands in the scene, offering a fresh perspective on their evolving sound. With a catalog of future classics, Wild Pink continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of genres and heartfelt lyrics.

For fans looking to connect with Wild Pink, the band can be followed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The EP “Strawberry Eraser” is available for streaming and purchase, offering a glimpse into the band’s ever-expanding musical universe.

Stay tuned for more updates from Wild Pink, as they navigate the music landscape with their distinct blend of indie, rock, and new wave influences.

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