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Alcohol taxes won’t deter drinkers but they help fund care, treatment

staticwire | March 31, 2024
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The state of Colorado is facing a serious crisis when it comes to alcohol consumption and its deadly effects. Recently, a beloved member of the community, who had been sober for nearly nine years, tragically lost his life to alcoholism. Despite staying on the path of sobriety and helping countless others through their own struggles with addiction, he succumbed to the devastating impact of alcohol on his body.

In a series by The Denver Post titled “Colorado’s Quiet Killer,” reporter Meg Wingerter highlighted the alarming rise in alcohol-related deaths in Colorado. Experts are deeply concerned about the heavy drinking habits that have become prevalent since 2020, and they fear that this trend will continue to claim more lives in the years to come. Between 2018 and 2021, alcohol-related deaths in the state increased by over 60%, painting a grim picture of the situation at hand.

In response to this crisis, legislators in Colorado have introduced a bill that aims to address the state’s alcohol problem head-on. The proposed bill would collect fees from alcohol producers and wholesalers, with the majority of the funds allocated towards treatment and recovery efforts. By investing in healthcare and support services for those struggling with alcoholism, the state can demonstrate compassion and provide much-needed resources to those in need.

It is essential to raise public awareness about the dangers of excessive drinking and to implement policies that support individuals seeking help for their alcohol addiction. Senator Kevin Priola introduced the Alcohol Impact & Recovery Enterprise (Senate Bill 181) to collect fees for treatment, prevention, and addressing the societal repercussions of alcohol abuse, such as fetal alcohol disorders and DUI enforcement. This bill has the potential to save countless lives and protect the well-being of Colorado residents.

While taxes alone may not be a cure for alcoholism, they can play a vital role in funding programs that promote responsible alcohol use and reduce harmful drinking habits. By leveraging taxes on alcohol to support prevention and treatment initiatives, we can create a safer environment for all Coloradans. It is crucial for the industry to take responsibility and invest in messaging that raises awareness about the risks associated with excessive drinking.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide support and resources for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, just as the loved one of TJ Hutchinson was able to receive. By prioritizing treatment and recovery efforts, we can help those in need and prevent more devastating losses in our communities. It is time for Colorado to come together and take decisive action to address the growing alcohol crisis before it claims more lives.

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