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The Cold Stares release “Horse To Water” video

staticwire | March 29, 2024

The Cold Stares, a dynamic blues-rock band known for their electrifying sound, has just released their latest single, “Horse To Water,” signaling the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their musical journey. This track serves as a powerful homage to the band’s southern musical roots, exploring themes of resilience, redemption, and the enduring influence of personal and musical legacy.

Guitarist/vocalist Chris Tapp reflects on the inspiration behind “Horse To Water,” stating, “After touring the world the last few years, we kept getting the tag ‘southern’ attached to our music in interviews and press. Being ‘southern’ was never something we intentionally did or tried to interject, but since we had been labeled as such, I decided to write a series of songs that exemplified what that term meant to me. ‘Horse to Water’ is a tip of the hat to southern leaning blues rock bands like Bad Company and Skynyrd in the voice of who and where we are today as The Cold Stares.”

The track embodies the essence of southern blues rock tradition while incorporating The Cold Stares’ distinctive sound and perspective. With gritty guitar riffs, soulful vocals, and a robust rhythm section, “Horse To Water” captures the raw power and emotional depth that define the band’s music.

Following the critical success of their most recent album, ‘Voices,’ which showcased the band’s evolution from a duo to a trio, The Cold Stares are venturing into new creative territory with “Horse To Water.” The upcoming tour across the United States and Europe will give fans the opportunity to experience the band’s incredible energy and musicianship firsthand, with live performances of the new single and other fan favorites.

Formed in 2012, The Cold Stares have earned a reputation for their explosive live shows and genre-defying sound. Comprised of Chris Tapp, Brian Mullins, and Bryce Klueh, the band has released a series of acclaimed albums that blend blues, southern, and hard rock influences. Their music has been featured in major media outlets, sports networks, and video games like Cyberpunk 2077, showcasing the band’s broad appeal and creative versatility.

As The Cold Stares continue to honor their musical roots while pushing boundaries with fresh, personal creations, “Horse To Water” stands as a testament to their ongoing evolution and dedication to their craft. This single marks the beginning of an exciting new era for The Cold Stares, one that promises to captivate audiences and solidify their place in the pantheon of modern rock music.

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