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Reyna Tropical on how Manu Chao, BiD/Seu Jorge, Robin S and more inspired her debut album ‘Malegría’

staticwire | March 29, 2024
Reyna Tropical Malegria HI RES

Fabi Reyna, the Los Angeles musician and founder of She Shreds, has been leading Reyna Tropical since the late 2010s. Originally a duo, the project sadly became a solo endeavor following the passing of partner Nectali “Sumohair” Diaz in 2022. Despite this tragedy, Fabi Reyna has persisted and recently released Reyna Tropical’s debut album, Malegría, a mesmerizing blend of loop-based grooves, textured guitar work, and lush harmonies.

Malegría, an immersive and transportive album, seamlessly weaves together musical styles from various regions of the Southern hemisphere, including Congolese, Peruvian, and Colombian influences. Fabi’s ethereal vocals and atmospheric interludes enhance the overall listening experience, making the album a captivating journey for fans of world music.

In a recent interview, Fabi shared a playlist of songs that inspired Malegría, including tracks by artists such as Dennis Brown, Cafe Tacvba, Robin S, Manu Chao, and more. Each song holds a special place in Fabi’s heart, reflecting her personal connections and influences that shaped the sound of Reyna Tropical’s debut album.

Reyna Tropical’s upcoming tour dates include a performance at Brooklyn’s Public Records on April 6, followed by shows in various cities across the United States. The tour will culminate with a performance at Newport Folk Festival in Newport, RI on July 27. Additionally, Reyna Tropical will be joining Portugal. The Man for select tour dates, bringing their unique blend of global sounds to audiences nationwide.

Fabi Reyna’s resilience and creative vision shine through in Malegría, solidifying Reyna Tropical as a rising force in the world music scene. With a diverse array of influences and a compelling sound, Reyna Tropical is poised to make a lasting impact on listeners around the world with their debut album.

For more information on Reyna Tropical and their tour schedule, visit their official website and social media channels. Experience the magic of Malegría for yourself and embark on a musical journey unlike any other with Reyna Tropical.

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