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Interview: Chaz Cardigan’s Conceptual ‘A Year in Glassland’ Is a Selfless Telling of His Story

staticwire | March 13, 2024
Chaz Cardigan 2024 a

Chaz Cardigan’s latest album, ‘A Year in Glassland,’ is a testament to resilience and self-discovery. The LA-based singer/songwriter opened up about his personal struggles, including losing two record deals, dealing with chronic pain, and discovering his bipolar diagnosis. These experiences formed the foundation of his new record, released through AntiFragile Music.

The album delves into Cardigan’s alternative rock roots, showcasing his growth as a vocalist, musician, and arranger. While the queer element is a fundamental aspect of the record, Cardigan emphasizes that it is not the sole focus. Songs like “Poison Ivy” and “Are We Gonna Do This” offer a nuanced perspective on the queer dating experience and societal pressures faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Cardigan’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance is reflected in the album’s three-act structure. From processing harsh realities to coming to terms with his present, each track tells a story of personal transformation. Highlights include “Used To Care,” a centerpiece of the album, and “The Rot,” a provocative declaration of decaying culture.

In a recent TikTok post, Cardigan raised the question of whether music journalism has become too polite. He encouraged critics to provide honest feedback, acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses in his work. Despite some minor critiques, Cardigan is proud of ‘A Year in Glassland’ and hopes it will resonate with audiences over time.

Through his music and personal journey, Cardigan aims to inspire LGBTQ+ youth and spark meaningful conversations about identity and self-acceptance. With a blend of alternative rock and theatrical flair, ‘A Year in Glassland’ stands as a testament to Cardigan’s resilience and artistic growth.

Listeners are invited to stream/purchase ‘A Year in Glassland’ and connect with Chaz Cardigan on various social media platforms to discover more about his music and artistic journey.

[Editor’s note: This report compiled information from a recent interview with Chaz Cardigan, his social media posts, and critical analysis of the album ‘A Year in Glassland.’]

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